The East London Forum R.I.P.

On 12th February 2016, after fourteen years, the East London Forum came to an end and all postings and member details were lost and cannot be retrieved owing to the closure of the server before I had time to make a backup.

I started the forum back in 2002 and it attracted members from all over the world. In recent years though, it started to decline as people lost interest and turned to other commercial social media. Rising costs of keeping the forum online was also a contributing factor.

As I have lost contact details with the then active members I cannot notify everybody of the closure so have posted this page. If anybody wishes to contact me regarding the ELF I can be reached at:

The Domain names owned by me for this site are:

These are still available if the forum ever has the opportunity to open up again either by a sponsor or by me after winning the Euromillions lottery.

Thank you for your support over the years.

A special thanks to “Lady De Wint”, my moderator who sadly disappeared shortly before the closure. I hope you are OK milady.

Goodbye everybody


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